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Using Service Mesh to enhance Communications and Governance of Microservices

Yesterday, the .NET Mafia, C# Mobsters and other Microsoft family community hosted an amazing event related with Microservices. The event had three speakers, and I had the pleasure to be one of the speakers. The first speaker - Ferdinando Aprovitolo - explained how to and all the benefits of using gRPC framework to ensure high performance on the communications of microservices. Then, I explained how you can leverage Service Mesh to enhance communications and governance of microservices.

Configure HTTPS on a Custom Domain in Azure CDN

This article is not meant to explain to you all the process to configure HTTPS on an Azure CDN custom domain because you can get all this information in this tutorial provided by Microsoft. The main goal of this article is to share an experience while trying to configure it, and when things do not go in the way you expect. Context First of all, in case you are planning to do this configuration process, or if you want to be aware of it, I would invite you to read this tutorial, so you can understand the rest of this article.

Leveraging Azure Storage Static Website, Azure CDN and Hugo Framework to Build a High Performance and Cost-Effective Website

Azure is constantly evolving to deliver us an extensive set of services that will make our lifes easier, including IT professionals, Business owners and much more. Context Recently i decided to create this personal site, so i could share with the community some lessons learned and relevant technical topics, and at same time keep notes of important information to myself for future reference. So, since multiple times i had people coming to me asking which options they should use to create their personal site or blog or even a business site, i just decided to share what was the experience to create this site, and how easy and cheap it was to create and provision it.